Private Equity Real Estate Investments

Virtua Partners is a global private equity firm specializing in commercial real estate.

We sponsor a variety of investment funds and commercial real estate projects across the United States and currently have 16 million square feet of assets under management or development.

Our Organization

Through Virtua Partners and our family of vertically integrated companies, we provide debt and equity origination, asset and property management, debt restructuring, commercial real estate development, and fund management.


Featured News & Highlights

Four Things Investors Should Know About Investing in Single-Family Rentals

As market demand increases for new rental developments, investors have an opportunity to capitalize on Single-family rentals (“SFRs”) due to changing consumer preferences in housing. With rents on track to outpace inflation as well as the overall commercial real estate market, the disparity between supply and demand means now may be an excellent time for

Four Things to Know Before Investing in Hotels

Investors often overlook hospitality as an asset class for their investment portfolios. Why? The drivers in typical residential or commercial real estate may not always apply in hospitality. However, the hospitality industry is approaching nearly ten years of consecutive growth. From 2009 to 2017, US hotel gross bookings grew from $116 billion to $185 billion

Delaware Statutory Trusts 101

Investors looking to reinvest profits from the sale of an asset know that it’s a delicate process. After all, they don’t want to expose their earnings to capital gains taxes if they are planning to reinvest the money quickly. However, investors often find themselves switching strategies or opting to invest in other classes of real