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Strategic Innovation

Strategic Innovation:
The Virtua Advantage

We seek out competitive advantages. We strive to turn challenges into opportunities to deliver the right solution, for the right time, and the right place.
Here’s how:

  • Proven Team

    Internationally recognized brands trust our expertise and rely on our capabilities. We are deeply engrained in our subjects of expertise, each team led by authorities with lifelong careers in their chosen disciplines. Driven and collaborative, we are experienced in both growth and down markets, focused on the goal of delivering value in any cycle.

  • Life Cycle Management

    Our funding, development, and management process is fully integrated in-house with frontline specialists to provide thoughtful and thorough solutions. We direct each stage of the investment life cycle to target risk mitigation, cost controls, and return optimization.

  • Cycle Resistant

    We endeavor to build deals that thrive in both long and short market cycles. Our proven team, tax-advantaged focus, market diversity, and conservative debt structure work together, striving to deliver risk-adjusted returns.

  • Good Neighbor Benefit

    We build strong community relationships to assist in synergizing opportunities and securing tax advantages for long-term project viability, while creating jobs and housing where we work. Being a good neighbor is good business.

Virtua Partners Core Values

Core Values

Principles drive every decision, every day.
These are a few of our core drivers:

  • Investor-Centric

    We want our investors to achieve financial freedom and long-term financial stability; their needs and risk profile are always at the forefront of any decision making.

  • Absolute

    We strive for complete transparency to investors as we guide them through the investment strategy, capital deployment, and asset disposition.

  • Sophisticated

    Our experience through the market cycle gives us the unique ability to adapt to market trends, providing value-add strategies when markets turn adverse.

  • Comprehensive

    Our expertise across a range of verticals, along with our family of companies, allows us to successfully execute on investment opportunities.


  • Private Equity

  • Development

  • Delaware Statutory Trust

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Portfolio Companies

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