Our portfolio of investment products range from fixed income to aggressive growth in a variety of asset types including office, flex office, industrial, hospitality, single family residential, multi-family and mixed use projects.

Our Portfolio

Fixed Income

Senior and mezzanine debt.

Stabilized Equity

Core plus properties with credit tenants on long term leases.

Growth to Income

Development of apartments, hotels, single family residential rental.


Horizontal development projects with no debt, preferred equity on restructuring transactions.

Aggressive Growth

Leveraged horizontal development, land options, common equity on restructuring transactions.

Open Investment Opportunities

Virtua High Growth Fund IV

The Virtua High Growth Fund, IV, is designed to take advantage of recent tax law changes that are favorable for commercial real estate. Strategies include deep value-add restructuring, purchase of heavily discounted illiquid securities, vertical and horizontal development and Land Options/Entitlements.

Virtua Income Fund, NA

Improve returns with the Virtua Income Fund North America, which is designed to provide high returns and to mitigate cyclical risks in real estate. The current investments are generating a 16.34% yield. The sponsor believes that this fund has a strong risk-return profile.

Virtua Land Acquisition Fund II

With 200-plus years of collective experience, overseeing more than 1,000 separate developments, our seasoned executives and managers are eager for your support with continual expansion. We target entry-level residential and mixed-use projects in the rising markets of Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, Atlanta and San Antonio. Investing in the Virtua Land Acquisition Fund, II, leads to favorable returns.


Closed Deals
(Under Construction)


Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.9x

Targeted Investment Period: 3 years

Offering Type: High Growth

Minimum Investment: $50,000

Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport

Information Coming Soon

Met Center 15

Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.5x

Targeted Investment Period: 3 years


Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.5x

Targeted Investment Period: 4 years

Offering Type: Development

Minimum Investment: $25,000

Springhill Suites – Houston

Targeted Equity Multiple: 2.29X

Targeted Investment Period: 5

Offering Type: Value Add

SFR Loan

Targeted Investment Period: 1 year

Offering Type: Senior Loan

Minimum Investment: $50,0000


Information Coming Soon

Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport

Information Coming Soon


Targeted Equity Multiple: 1.95x

Targeted Investment Period: 2 years

Offering Type: Growth


Offering Type: High Growth


Offering Type: High Growth


Offering Type: High Growth

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