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Single Family Rentals – Asset Class Feature

The housing market has changed dramatically over the past few decades. New opportunities within the residential sector have grown out of demographic changes and preferences, shining a light on an asset class for real estate investors, now receiving institutional attention: single-family residential rentals (SFRs).

Similar to the multi-family sector, single-family residential rentals are now being invested in by private equity and institutional investors. This institutionalism brings strong management teams that are able to aggregate properties and provide leasing and property management.

Today, single family residential rentals make up a 3.1 trillion-dollar market – second only to multifamily rentals – and account for over a third of the total rental market. Additionally, the SFR rental market is growing faster and has historically shown more resilience than any real estate class of the past.

In this educational video, Virtua Partners’ experts explain why this asset class presents such an interesting opportunity for investors.

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