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Post-Election Macroeconomic Outlook 2021

Post-Election Macroeconomic Outlook 2021

November 18, 2020 Overview

Over the past year, the economy has largely been impacted by the Coronavirus and news surrounding the election cycle. As we approach 2021, we take a look at the biggest factors set to influence our economy in our Post-Election Macroeconomic Outlook for 2021.

In this video, we focus on potential policy changes to watch coming out of the White House and from the Fed. We also discuss the impact of ultra-low interest rates and how they could affect the housing, hospitality and stock market.

Then, our experts analyze how these macroeconomic policies are shaping our target investment opportunities in 2021 within the rental housing and hospitality markets.

If you are interested in learning more, please click here and view the Post-Election Macro Outlook for 2021.