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Peoria Lakes - Peoria, Arizona

Virtua 91st - Tolleson, Arizona

Met Center 15 - Austin Texas

Hampton Inn, Plymouth Meeting - Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania

Satellite Place Office Building - Duluth, Georgia

Britannia Business Center - Pleasanton, California

Hampton Inn, Philadelphia Airport - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

United Healthcare Office Building - Las Vegas, Nevada

Satellite Office Portfolio - Atlanta, Georgia

Lockheed Martin Building - Dallas, Texas
Met Center 10 - Austin, Texas

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Virtua Hospitality Portfolio
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Virtua High Growth Fund III

Virtua High Growth Fund III is the third fund in a series of investment funds designed to invest in deals sourced by Virtua Partners.  The fund will focus on four distinct investment strategies and diversify across several investment opportunities.  The fund is targeting a 30% ROI to investors.  Please click on the investor presentation below to learn more about the offering.  



Closed Investment Opportunities

Virtua 103rd - 20 acres of land in Phoenix, AZ

Virtua 91st - 21 acres of land in Phoenix, AZ 

Virtua High Growth Fund II - Pooled investment fund

Virtua High Growth Fund 

Hampton Inn Philadelphia Airport 


Led by Lloyd Kendall, Jr. and Quinn Palomino, Virtua Partners offers and manages the highest quality commercial real estate investments across the country.  We tap our expansive expertise in property operations that maximize cash flow and utilize our deep relationships with our national credit tenants to increase our investors’ wealth through unparalleled investment performance and appreciation.

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