Virtua High Growth Fund

Virtua High Growth Fund invests in value-add opportunities across the country. The Fund is targeting a 30% return on investment.

Clear Vista Management

Clear Vista Management brings hands on experience and insight to its clients' properties.  The firm works to maintain the bricks and mortar and keep operating costs down.  Clear Vista Management's mandate is to enhance the long-term value of the asset.  Clear Vista Management's hallmarks are meticulous property management, a keen focus on the bottom line, enhancing relationships with existing tenants, and executing creative campaigns to secure tenants.  Please Click Here to visit their website.

Versant Commercial Brokerage

Versant Commercial Brokerage originates capital markets transactions for Virtua Partners.  In 2014, Versant completed $257,000,000 of deal volume.  The firm's President, Matt Mueller, has completed more than 500 transactions.  Please Click Here to visit their website.

Vantage Point Consulting

Vantage Point Consulting manages the important administrative functions associated with commercial real estate acquisition and syndication. The firm has extensive experience in the tenant-in-common and fractional ownership space.

Bay Commercial Bank

Bay Commercial Bank acts as our Qualified Intermediary in §1031 transactions. Virtua Partners principal, Lloyd Kendall, Jr., is the co-founder and Chairman of Bay Commercial Bank and has participated in over 30,000 §1031 transactions.


Led by Lloyd Kendall, Jr. and Quinn Palomino, Virtua Partners offers and manages the highest quality commercial real estate investments across the country.  We tap our expansive expertise in property operations that maximize cash flow and utilize our deep relationships with our national credit tenants to increase our investors’ wealth through unparalleled investment performance and appreciation.

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